6 questions to ask yourself before you dm-818 8d/9d-nls.

dm-818 8d/9d-nls

WHATdm-818 8d/9d-nlsItdm-818 8d/9d-nlsbeeendm-818 8d/9d-nlsuseddm-818 8d/9d-nlstodm-818 8d/9d-nlscheck?

WHATdm-818 8d/9d-nlsItdm-818 8d/9d-nlsbeeendm-818 8d/9d-nlsuseddm-818 8d/9d-nlstodm-818 8d/9d-nlscheck?

anddm-818 8d/9d-nlsitdm-818 8d/9d-nlshasdm-818 8d/9d-nlsAURAdm-818 8d/9d-nlsfunctiondm-818 8d/9d-nlswhichdm-818 8d/9d-nlscandm-818 8d/9d-nlsshowdm-818 8d/9d-nlsourdm-818 8d/9d-nlsweaknessdm-818 8d/9d-nlsenergydm-818 8d/9d-nlsofdm-818 8d/9d-nlsourdm-818 8d/9d-nlsorgan,
thedm-818 8d/9d-nlsmostdm-818 8d/9d-nlsimportantdm-818 8d/9d-nlsthingdm-818 8d/9d-nlsisdm-818 8d/9d-nlsitdm-818 8d/9d-nlscandm-818 8d/9d-nlsbedm-818 8d/9d-nlsuseddm-818 8d/9d-nlstodm-818 8d/9d-nlscheckdm-818 8d/9d-nlsthedm-818 8d/9d-nlsbacteria,dm-818 8d/9d-nlspathological,dm-818 8d/9d-nlsallergendm-818 8d/9d-nlsanalysisdm-818 8d/9d-nlsmicrobesdm-818 8d/9d-nlsanddm-818 8d/9d-nlsparasites,
biochemicaldm-818 8d/9d-nlsdynamicdm-818 8d/9d-nlslevel,
Mostdm-818 8d/9d-nlssuitabledm-818 8d/9d-nlsanddm-818 8d/9d-nlsnotdm-818 8d/9d-nlssuitabledm-818 8d/9d-nlsfordm-818 8d/9d-nlsfoods,
Flowerdm-818 8d/9d-nlsessencesdm-818 8d/9d-nls,
Unbalanceddm-818 8d/9d-nlsorgandm-818 8d/9d-nlsanalysis,
Gemstonedm-818 8d/9d-nlsenergydm-818 8d/9d-nls,
Herbs,dm-818 8d/9d-nlsetc.
Sampledm-818 8d/9d-nlsdatadm-818 8d/9d-nlslibrary.dm-818 8d/9d-nlsSodm-818 8d/9d-nlsitdm-818 8d/9d-nlscandm-818 8d/9d-nlstestdm-818 8d/9d-nlsthedm-818 8d/9d-nlsfooddm-818 8d/9d-nlsallergydm-818 8d/9d-nlsanddm-818 8d/9d-nlssuggestdm-818 8d/9d-nlsindicationsdm-818 8d/9d-nlsofdm-818 8d/9d-nlsthedm-818 8d/9d-nlseffectdm-818 8d/9d-nlsofdm-818 8d/9d-nlsthedm-818 8d/9d-nlsnutritionaldm-818 8d/9d-nlsproducts.

dm-818 8d/9d-nls

dm-818 8d/9d-nls Package includes

dm-818 8d/9d-nls Package includes:

1.8D-LRIS Device Host x1

2.Bio-inductor x1

3.USB Power cable x1

4.Bio-inductor cable x1

5.CD x1

6.Resonant chamber x1

7.Aluminum case x1 8.Dongle x1 9.Bio-inductor sleeve x3

If you would like to know more, call or email us. Ask about an online demonstration through Teamviewer or Skype.

dm-818 8d/9d-nls

dm-818 8d/9d-nls HISTORY & DEVELOPMENT

dm-818 8d/9d-nls HISTORY & DEVELOPMENT

Theoretical and experimental development of this technology started in the late 19th century by a man named Nikola Tesla. It was further studied by scientist J. Lakhovsky, who experimented with RF effects on animals and plants. Later, the American researcher R. Rife studied the effects of radio frequencies on humans. His analysis is included in the software of the Vector NLS systems.

The first biofield detection devices used manual data entry and manual detection. The biofield matrix detection actively involved the operator whose brain through the use of low-frequency vibrations was tuned into and resonant with the biofield magnetic vortex states of the patient. In other words, the operator’s energetic state was coherently synchronous with the patients and had a sensing-amplifying effect. Original results were reported by the deviation of the L-shaped frame in the hand of the operator on a special Fleyndera scale (this scale is tied into the analysis software of the current Vector Non-Linear System).

However, this method of biofield matrix detection was too subjective. This eventually led to the creation of the first electronic L-shaped frames called trigger sensors. Trigger sensors automatically sense the magnetic vortex states (biofield matrix information) of the patient. Developers fed these signals into a computer database until over 100,000 patients with over 1000 health processes had been analyzed and stored in the database. Distant biofield matrix detection experiments were carried out by VN Kravkov in the 20th century. Under the guidance of Prof. B. Togatova, biofield matrix detection experiments were also carried out on various semiconductor structures.

The NLS method of analysis was developed at the Russian Institute of Practical Psychophysics. Every organ and every cell has associated with it a biofield magnetic vortex state which is stored in the computer memory and can be displayed on the computer screen as a graph. These graphs represent the conditions of information exchange between the organ biofield and the environment. Every pathological process with distinctive age and sex has its own distinctive biofield graph stored in the computer memory. After reading the biofield frequency characteristics of a patient, the system compares the degree of their spectral similarity with biofields of healthy and pathologically affected subjects, or the biofields of infection agents, to obtain the closest biofield process or tendency. �The culmination of all of this science led to the Vector NLS. The Vector is capable of detecting the biofield frequencies without human intervention, as well as, balancing the biofield imbalances.

dm-818 8d/9d-nls

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