bioplasm 9d nls what is and why bioplasm 9d nls?

What is bioplasm 9d nls?

bioplasm 9d nls

bioplasm 9d nls

bioplasm 9d nls

What is bioplasm 9d nls BioResonance and Bioresonance Biofeedback Therapy?-bioplasm 9d nls works on Bioresonance Biofeedback concept. The vibration of the atoms in cells creates frequencies. The frequencies of cells make up frequencies of organs which are analyzed by Vector Biofeedback. These frequencies are altered in diseased states. These tiny differences can be picked up by sophisticated hardware and software of bioplasm 9d nls Machine. The machine can compensate for the energy difference in a biofeedback mode. This is Bioresonance Biofeedback Therapy. Bio-resonance Biofeedback therapy uses electromagnetic waves to correct a host of physiological disorders. These electromagnetic waves are of a frequency that matches the frequency of the living organism and hence, resonance takes place. Bio-resonance is performed through Vector biofeedback devices between an individual’s physical body and their vibration levels or frequency. The Vector system analyzes the various physiological functions of the body, and then generates the appropriate signal to correct any disorders that might be present.

bioplasm 9d nls
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Metatron bioplasm 9d nls history

he researches of the Institute succeeded in producing this most effective equipment that is capable of tuning to the frequency of the master pulses automatically without human intervention, as well as, detecting and correcting defects and pathologies in organs and body cell on its own. This is achieved through combination of different specifically modulated magnetic oscillations recorded on a matrix. The fundamental concept in the development of this equipment was the hypothesis that the human body has an electromagnetic information framework that is able to respond to external radiation.

In 1950 in Germany R. Folle discovered and worked out a system of electrically testing the acupuncture points of human body.

Unlike Folle’s electro-puncture diagnostic method in which the energy potentials of organs and systems are measured through biologically active points (BAP) which show the organ condition indirectly (often with considerable error), the NLS method of analysis developed by the Institute of Practical Psychophysics makes an evaluation of the organ condition directly due to the resonance amplification of the radiation signal of the organ under investigation using a non-invasive trigger sensor. Every organ and every cell has its own distinctive oscillations which are stored in the computer memory and can be displayed on a screen as a graph, which represents the conditions of the information exchange between the organ (tissue) and the environment. Every pathological process has its own distinctive graph.
The program contains lots of pathological processes’ graphs with all progressive stages shown with age, sex and other variations taken into account. After reading the frequency characteristics of biological object under investigation, the system compares the degree of their spectral similarity with healthy or pathology affected tissue or infection agency to obtain the closest pathological process or tendency. In case the processes are similar, virtual diagnosis mode allows carrying out of differentiated diagnosis of each process.

Another wonderful opportunity offered by NLS-analysis is medical testing. The system provides a unique opportunity of recording the frequency fluctuations of any preparation and adding them to the many thousands already held in database. The system then searches for a remedy that has the closest spectral characteristics of the pathological process and selects the most efficient remedy.

Even in those rare cases when clinical symptomatic is very typical, NLS diagnostic method allows seeing additional information about the amplitude of defect and judging about prognosis. In majority of cases it has principal significance for prompt prognosis and right treatment choosing.

The inventor of NLS diagnostic system (bioplasm 9d nls) is considered to be academic Svyatoslav Pavlovich Nesterov, who in 1988 invented a trigger sensor, and thus found the idea of the system.

Non-linear diagnostic method is still being developed. Methods are improved very fast, so the versions of the system are renewed every six months. By means of using of new systems with di

bioplasm 9d nls

bioplasm 9d nls

How bioplasm 9d nls work?

How bioplasm 9d nls work?-The bioplasm 9d nls software can operate only with the telemetric nonlinear analysis data processing apparatus
“bioplasm 9d nls” and its subsequent modifications. The telemetric nonlinear analysis data processing device is compatible
with the IBM-type PCs and intended for studying reaction of a biological object to different types of the informational
impact. “bioplasm 9d nls” allows correlating the measurement process with the process affecting it and performs the following
1) It measures J (0) which mirrors the change of the describing parameter, and the entropic potential relative to its initial
2) It transforms continuous signal J (0) with the preset intervals of frequencies into a histogram (a row of numerical values
of scanned frequencies with serial numbers from 1.8 to 8.2 Hz.);
3) It sends the current W values to PC and displays the graph on the monitor simultaneously with its impact on the
4) It accumulates the W value in its memory unit, if observing the histogram is more convenient upon completion of the
5) It issues the scale-correlated commands required for regulating the effect on the examinee at testing;
6) It transmits the W values from the unit into PC memory upon completion of the measurements and saves them in
unit memory of prior to the beginning of recording data of the next measurements.UMF Bucharest-Institute of Applied Psihofizica (IPP) in Omsk, Russia through official representative in Romania, QUANTUM LIFE Company LLC
Research Institute of Applied Psihofizica (IPP) from Omsk have created a system of investigation, with no analogue in the world, called Metatron, which allows tracking of any conditions of the human body through the changes specific to any vibrations in the body tissue. Nonlineara Analysis System (bioplasm 9d nls) is the most advanced information engineering of this century and can be considered the most remarkable and advantageous implementation of modern natural science. Metatron diagnostic system is based on the spectral analysis of magnetic field of any biological topic. This is unique and without comparison in the world today.

Device Metatron developed by PPI allows the production of a specific neurons cerebrali bioelectrical activity, which makes it possible to selectively amplify signals hard detectable statistical fluctuations, as, isolation and decoding the information which they contain. Thus the device Metatron takes the “pulse” of this radiation right in place of issue to decode and display on a computer monitor where there is a virtual model of the organ represented in specific colors. Also, the software gives doctors Metapathia models a three-dimensional projection of the internal organs. The marked points through color, located on the drawing, the more precise help of pathological process. It is possible to interpret the decay process of biological structures and establish a prognosis by comparing the distribution of colored points on virtual body scan model, following the dynamics of changes over a period of time.

To be able to define pathology in a certain area, it is necessary for the investigation of deep levels until the outbreak of the disease is localized.

The fundamental principle in the development of the diagnostic system Metatron was the hypothesis that the human body has an electromagnetic informational printing which is able to respond to external stimuli to electromagnets.

bioplasm 9d nls

bioplasm 9d nls

bioplasm 9d nls

Why bioplasm 9d nls?

bioplasm 9d nls 5 advantage

1)ABSOLUTELY SAFE AND USER FRIENDLY,The bioplasm 9d nls Rough Diagnostic device will not cause any harm or discomfort to the patient’s health.ABSOLUTELY SAFE AND USER FRIENDLY,The bioplasm 9d nls Rough Diagnostic device will not cause any harm or discomfort to the patient’s health.
3)Free of Radiation
4)No Internal Probing
5)No need for medical tests*.

bioplasm 9d nls Diagnostics compared with other methodologies

NLS-diagnosis 64, 4%
MRI 23, 4%

Average accuracy of diagnosis by comparing clinical research results on 5 areas: Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Gynecology and Endocrinology.

METATRON bioplasm 9d nls Diagnostic System Main functions

Model of HSS Metatron-4025 Metatron-4025 Metatron-4025 M Metatron-4025 M Metatron-4025 M Metatron-4025 M
Software Metapathia GR Clinical

Red Dragon

Metapathia Hospital

Golden Dragon



– Bacterial research + + + + + +
– Ultrastructure + + + + + +
– Vegeto-test + + + + + +
– Smart-filter + + + + + +
– Entropic analysis + + + + + +
– NLS-analysis + + + + + +
– Comparative analysis + + + + + +
– Deep Vision + + + + + +
– Multi Vision + + + +
– Wide Vision + + + +
– Plane section + +
– Section with three perpendicular planes + + + +
– Changing of surrounding tissues transparency + + + +

Who need use the bioplasm 9d nls?

Where and by whom can be used as diagnostic system: METATRON bioplasm 9d nls

family doctors, specialists, therapists, clinics, hospitals, educational institutions, schools and kindergartens, spa and fitness centers, sports medicine, etc. family doctors, specialists, therapists, polyclinics, hospitals, educational institutions, schools and kindergartens, spa & fitness centers, sports medicine, etc.


Doctors and medical practitioners
diagnostic-roomsDiagnostic Rooms
Medicine Specialists
Centers and Spas
Medicine Centers
distributors-of-homeopathic-medicinesDistributors of Homeopathic
Medicines and Dietary Supplements
medical-clinicsMedical Clinics
Research Centers
sanatorium-resortsSanatorium Resorts

bioplasm 9d nls

bioplasm 9d nls

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