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What is diacom 9d?


diacom 9d

diacom 9d

What is diacom 9d NLS Diagnostic System?-diacom 9d is an advanced Non-Invasive Diagnostic Device for physical examination & analysis system, using the light wave resonance to scan and detect the functional status of the human body or to trace the gradually formed abnormal conditions in the tissue, cell, chromosome, DNA helix, molecule or entire organ, then provides treatment.

diacom 9d
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diacom nls
diacom 9d nls

Studies have shown that the new diacom 9d is really a huge step forward in the development of the NLS Systems. Within seconds the “diacom 9d” finds by itself the origin of tumors and hereditary diseases.

So the diacom 9d is beyond everything one could imagine in the past. This overwhelming results were realized throughout the completely new 3-D Spiral-Scanning-Method. diacom 9d was enlarged with hundreds of new virtual pictures.

The diacom 9d finds by himself the DNA fragments with the most information loss. If these deviations on the DNA fragment-level are balanced, a lot of symptoms all over the body can disappear. The diacom 9d to describe all-embracing is not possible, you should experience by yourself!


What diacom 9d with superior version

Quick details

1. Hardware cpu Frequency:5.3GHz 2. Cores : Advanced core processors

3. The detection speed is very quick.
4. Average time of scanning: 2-3 seconds. 5. More advanced, has a large database 6. Defines in more detail the diagnoses.

7. The best pre-clinical diagnostic device
8. The most practical model for Clinical version

9. It can detect all the problem zones in a patient’s organism using its non-invasive methods.

Body health analyzer 8d NLS Technical specifications of the device:

• Power supply – USB- port on your computer.
• Feeding voltage – 5 V;
• Current consumption – up to 300 mA;
• Range of evaluated frequencies 1Hz- 1MHz;
• Superposition of mediated frequencies to the electromagnetic component – 5.5 GHz;
• Interface speed – up to 1 MHz;
• Bioinductores – passive;
• Electromagnetic reprinter – active with a possible feedback.


What working principle about diacom 9d?

UMF Bucharest-Institute of Applied Psihofizica (diacom 9d) in Omsk, Russia through official representative in Romania, QUANTUM LIFE Company LLC
Research Institute of Applied Psihofizica (diacom 9d) from Omsk have created a system of investigation, with no analogue in the world, called Metatron, which allows tracking of any conditions of the human body through the changes specific to any vibrations in the body tissue. Nonlineara Analysis System (NLS) is the most advanced information engineering of this century and can be considered the most remarkable and advantageous implementation of modern natural science. Metatron diagnostic system is based on the spectral analysis of magnetic field of any biological topic. This is unique and without comparison in the world today.

Device Metatron developed by PPI allows the production of a specific neurons cerebrali bioelectrical activity, which makes it possible to selectively amplify signals hard detectable statistical fluctuations, as, isolation and decoding the information which they contain. Thus the device Metatron takes the “pulse” of this radiation right in place of issue to decode and display on a computer monitor where there is a virtual model of the organ represented in specific colors. Also, the software gives doctors Metapathia models a three-dimensional projection of the internal organs. The marked points through color, located on the drawing, the more precise help of pathological process. It is possible to interpret the decay process of biological structures and establish a prognosis by comparing the distribution of colored points on virtual body scan model, following the dynamics of changes over a period of time.

To be able to define pathology in a certain area, it is necessary for the investigation of deep levels until the outbreak of the disease is localized.

The fundamental principle in the development of the diagnostic system Metatron was the hypothesis that the human body has an electromagnetic informational printing which is able to respond to external stimuli to electromagnets.



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