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What is Sensitiv Imago 530?

What is Sensitiv Imago 530-Senstiv Imago 530 device is being assembled according to the new European quality management standards 9001full accepted in EU in 2013. The device passed the medical laboratory testing class 2, according to the European Directive. The Direction of the medical factory, manufacturing department and the scientific researches passed the complete European certification according to Directive 13485. This model is a logic continuation of the business-class devices.

This models takes algorithm of Sensitiv Imago 500 as a basis. Sensitiv Imago 530 is more advanced both technically and technologically. The newest achievements of our engineers and scientists were used at creation of that device.

The model of computer organism diagnostic is equipped with the peripheral devices of the new generation that allow to receive the most precise and detailed information about the examinee's health conditions. Device is supplied with the specific power supply unit with the protection system. Device can be connected to the PC via USB interface and drivers. About the method.

To provide the computer health diagnostic the headphones with the built-in SBA sensors (similar to the Sensitiv Imago 500 model) are being put on the head of the examinee. Headphones casing contains sound emitters, infrared radiation receiver, electromagnetic induction sensor and non less then 500 SBA sensors.

The standard (default) supply of the device contains the two-modal QOM sensor of the 500 series with the manual amplification of the IR signals. This sensor is used to make the information about the hereditary health level* more precise. Device is equipped with the system of external sensors of the new generation.

The interface unit contains SBA-sensors, “floating” generator, digital and analog filters, automatic adjustment and calibration and magnetic-optic chamber. Passport data of the diagnostic device Sensitiv Imago 500. Usage conditions for Sensitiv Imago 500 computer diagnostic.

Sensitiv Imago 530 computer diagnostic of the organism is operated by the LifeStream software. We recommend to update the software regularly and in time.

* This test is not a genetic DNA analysis to determine the hereditary diseases but just allows to determine which systems and organs will be affected by the hereditary factors.

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Sensitiv Imago 530

How Sensitiv Imago 530 work?

What is Sensitiv Imago 530 NLS Device working principle-The methodology identifies cause-and-effect relationships between different processes in the organism. That enables you to identify the root cause of the problem and see the ways to solve this problem. This helps holistic doctor or a therapist to produce better and faster results, with less side effects for the patient.
The methodology is capable, even in complicate cases, of identifying the weakest systems and organs and offer possibilities for help.
The methodology is capable of pointing the attention of a holistic doctor's or a therapist to possible diagnoses (this function differs in use for holistic doctors or alternative practitioners).
The methodology allows the evaluation of pathological stages according to the principles of Homotoxicology by showing the direction the pathological process and whether the process is in the initial development (in adaptation), or it is in a deeper process (in decompensation). Naturally, it is possible to show the stage of the process. This feature is indispensable for professionals of holistic medicin, physicians, naturopaths, homeopaths, etc., as it gives an accurate vision of the process and possible ways to effectively help systems and organs.
The methodology provides a variety of additional functions that can be used in combination with a specialized knowledge in various fields of holistic medicine or Chinese medicine (acid-alkaline status, the state of yin-yang, microbiological activity and others).
One of the main methodologies is based on the large database of microorganisms which not only allows to quickly detect the presence of various viruses, bacteria, fungi, helminths, etc., but also to identify their type and the level of activity.
There is a method of working with allergens, making it possible to quickly and efficiently identify the sensitivity to allergens, both active and latent.
Similar to the method with allergens, but aimed at the identification of contaminants, is another method, making it possible for holistic doctor or a physician to find elements contaminants contaminating patient’s organism and their possible solutions.
The method of identification of micro-elements in the body – vital, para-vital and toxic. This technique was recently introduced in the system, but has already established itself as a highly effective way to help both physicians and alternative therapists.
One of the most popular for the holistic medicine is a method of individual selection of food, divided into two types – food causing the load of specific organs and systems (harmful food), the other group is food that can help the sick organs and system (beneficial or even healing).
There is a method that provides identification of psychosocial stress factors that may produce body's psychosomatic conditions.
There is an method to identify the organism’s sensitivity to the external energy loads.

Sensitiv Imago 530

Where need the Sensitiv Imago 530?

Who and where need the Sensitiv Imago 530?

Experts in holistic health and anti-aging – both doctors and alternative practitioners
Experts and consultants working in the field of wellness and healthy lifestyle
Experts in detoxification and removal of contaminants
Experts in work with addictions (smoking and food addictions)
Experts in the field of quantum medicine
Experts working in the field of practical psychology and psychosomatics
Experts and consultants working with energy diagnostics and healing
Experts and consultants working with yoga practices
Experts and consultants working with meditation practices
Experts working with practitioners of martial arts
Experts and consultants working with the energy appliance developments for agriculture
Experts and consultants working in the field of geopathogenic anomalies research
Experts and consultants working in the field of research of liquid environments

Sensitiv Imago 530

How to get the Sensitiv Imago 530 price?

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Sensitiv Imago 530

Sensitiv Imago 530

Sensitiv Imago 530

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